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Transfer of the business activities of Rihs Maschinenbau AG to Mawatec AG

Mawatec AG will take over the operative business activities of Rihs Maschinenbau AG, based in Pieterlen, as of November 1, 2019. Through this takeover, Mawatec AG will not only be able to expand its extensive know-how in the field of contract manufacturing, but will also have a renowned new product in its portfolio: the world-famous and proven USM universal grinding machine.

Already in the development stage of the USM 3 many years ago, we attached absolute top priority to a practice-oriented and easy-to-handle design and constuction. The experiences gained in the meantime have permanently been incorporated so that a robust and precise tool grinding machine is offered today which hardly leaves anything to be desired relating to flexibility and universality.

The USM 3 allows for perfectly resharpening virtually all kinds of HSS and carbide tools and to also economically produce such tools in the smaller size range. However, it is by no means restricted to tool sharpening but also performs excellently:

  • in tool making
  • in the test workshop
  • in the repair department
  • in the locksmith’s shop
  • in single-part and small-series production

The experiences acquired through selling machines across the world do not only result in a mature machine design and construction but also in a wide range of accessory and work aids.

Next to manual and automatic dividing attachments, also a quick-change CNC conversion kit with 4 axes and sophisticated machining software are available.

In a nutshell, one may certainly say that the USM 3 Type 14 offers a remarkable price-performance ratio and virtually fits into any investment budget. Also worth mentioning are the almost negligible operating costs.

Spindle head mounting: MK 1, MK 2, MK 3, MK 4, ISO 40
Max. tool diameter: ø 0.5 to ø 250
ax. tool length: 400 mm
As basic model, we offer this universal grinding machine in four different packages which may be customized, however. For further information, please please visit the USM Website or download the USM Brochure.

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